Thursday, July 10, 2008

Video from Pine Ridge

Here is a short video that Allison and I made with photos and video clips of our first few weeks on Pine Ridge reservation working for the Oglala Sioux Tribe's environmental protection program.

So far, things have continued to be relaxing and entertaining. As always our project ideas have proved to be more complicated and problematic than first anticipated, so I'll update on that a little later when things evolve a bit more.

For now, enjoy the video update on some of the fun experiences we've had so far -- fourth of July fireworks, gathering Echinacea and Timsila roots, and learning to drive a quirky old truck and navigate gravel roads that all look the same.

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El Esquincle said...

I loved the part of the mooing car and digging for roots. Are you getting a collection of all the medicinal plants and their uses?